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Released into the Australian market back in 2007, 10 years on AktiMate continues to receive recognition - and praise of the highest order.

First up was the UltiMate 30 award - with AktiMate’s inclusion in the best 30 products released in the past 30 years.  We thought that was a pretty substantial award to have received.

But there was more to come!

At the annual Sound & Image Awards AktiMate starred yet again winning the inaugural Gold Award for long term market performance……..

It all started with the release of the original AktiMate Mini and through the years the range increased offering more options. The popular model of the moment is the AktiMate Blue with an array of analogue and digital inputs plus Bluetooth. And in celebration of the brand’s ongoing success, there are some brilliant offers to make your Christmas a musical delight!  Follow the links at the foot of this page


AktiMate Mini+ B

AktiMate Blue price is reduced from $999 to just $599 …     Be quick!


Be sure to also take a look at this page from AktiMate’s Australian distributor Audio Heaven - even more surprises are in store!


AktiMate Mini

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