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AktiMate Mini

First released into the Australian market in 2007, 10 years on AktiMate continues to receive recognition - and praise of the highest order.

Late 2017 resulted in two amazing awards for this Australian brand.

First up was the UltiMate 30 recognition - with AktiMate’s inclusion amongst the best 30 products released in the past 30 years.  

One product per year was chosen. It was testament to the early work which had gone into the design, that AktiMate was considered exceptional enough to be a recipient of the best product introduced into the Australian market in a given year.

At the annual 2018 Sound & Image Awards AktiMate starred yet again winning the inaugural Gold Award for long term market performance……..

The popular model of the moment is the AktiMate Blue with an array of analogue and digital inputs plus Bluetooth. And in celebration of the brand’s ongoing success, there are some great opportunities to be had.

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AktiMate Mini+ B

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