Epoz has come a long way since it first emerged into the Australian market in 2005.

Being a family company with its owners having a long history in the hi-fi industry in Australia, the plan from the very beginning was never to become an organisation that collected multiple agency lines. Rather, the decision was taken from day one to concentrate solely on a few brands to be able to give those products adequate attention in all parts of the country.

First established in 2005 to handle the import and distribution of two iconic British hi-fi brands, Creek and Epos, it soon moved towards creating its own brand which was released to the market late in 2007. It has been the development of AktiMate which has given Epoz international recognition.

Jason Pugh was appointed to run Epoz in Australia in mid 2005 two months before the company was officially launched.

He has a long history in the Australian audio industry. In a sense he was born into it with both his parents actively involved in the industry from the time he first saw the light of day! After leaving school he worked for many years with Architectural Audio Design. His time with that company enabled him to gain valuable experience in every facet of the business, from warehousing and stock control, through to the day to day routine of office work, including debtor and creditor control, and ultimately customer service and sales management.

He had time away from the industry for 4 to 5 years but took up his management role at Epoz in August 2005 with renewed vigour.

He built the business successfully to the point it has now reached. From late in 2014 however his workload underwent change to permit time to assist in taking care of the growing international market for AktiMate. This naturally includes working closely with AktiMate’s new Australian distribution company. Determined not to lose the dealer contacts he has made through the years, he will continue to look after the distribution throughout Australia for Creek Audio.

When he's not working he is an avid sports fan (these days watching rather than participating). Living in Sydney, he remains unquestionably one of the most staunch Wests Tigers football club fans, although it would be fair to say that he enjoys a wide variety of sports and will always do well in any pub trivia competition where sports questions are predominant.

Jason is a happy family man, the family being without question his greatest pride and joy. Having three daughters his working life will no doubt be a long one!

Jacki Pugh has been in the audio industry virtually all of her working life.

Following many years as an owner of Concept Audio the initial importer for Creek & Epos, when that company was sold she established a new company importing and distributing products to the emerging custom audio market. That in turn led her to establish her next company based around lighting control systems and their integration with home entertainment.

It was in 2001 that she packed her bags and headed to the U.K. to fulfil a lifetime desire to spend some time living there. Realising it was better than she expected, but impossible to survive without an income, she found herself a job. As luck would have it, that job was to look after the international sales and marketing for Creek & Epos. During her time there, when the opportunity arose to choose a new Australian distributor for those products, it seemed logical to form a company to take care of them.

Working with Jason from a distance when time permitted was not always the easiest solution. Returning to live in Australia at the end of 2010, Jacki became more actively involved taking on the role of development of the AktiMate brand together with the growth of its international markets.

All was going smoothly when she was approached to take up the position of CEO for YBA - a French brand which had been purchased by a leading Chinese electronics company. The job spec was to re-introduce YBA to the market and build a global presence. Rather than have an easy life, she accepted the challenge and began working with YBA at the beginning of 2012.

She is still involved with Epoz, and was extremely fortunate to be able to pass a lot of the workload to Jason’s capable hands.

Vitally important to the ongoing success of Epoz is Santo Prattico, our AktiMate development engineer.

It was Epoz’ good luck that Santo took the decision in 2011 to move to live in China on a permanent basis. In doing that it meant he would also be taking on additional consultancy work. This co-incided with the future development of AktiMate taking a serious step forward to embrace newer technologies and to move away from earlier associations.

Here at Epoz we put our hands up very quickly to engage Santo as soon as we knew he would be available to work directly with us on AktiMate’s future development. Being resident in China gave us the enormous benefit of having our own engineer on hand in our production factory whenever needed.

He was very involved in the design of both the Micro and Mini+. We have since added the AktiMate Blue and new Mini+ B and Micro B models to the range (the latter 2 replacing the Micro and Mini+). These three new products are currently the most successful in AktiMate’s history.

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